Hormones (week 6 day 1) 

We’ve all heard the stories about moms-to-be and the changing hormones as they make a new life. I was under the impression the mother was the only one to experience this- until 10 minutes ago. 

We start each morning by checking our pregnancy apps for news on babies development. Today we entered a new week, week 6!! Yay! I woke up before my wife, so I had already seen there was a video to explain the week, but I waited for her to wake up before watching it. 

When she woke up I greeted her at “the line,” a seam in the hardwood in the middle of our living area. After showering her with good morning kisses I said “welcome to week 6! We have a sweet pea now!” She grabbed a cup of coffee and we sat down on the couch. 

Once seated, I showed her there was a video. She was excited! So excited in fact that we struggled for a moment playing it on two phone screens until she eventually backed down and I continued playing it for both of us. 

As the woman in the video explained week 6 she said “your baby won’t look like a shrimp for long.” I said “don’t call our baby a shrimp,” jokingly. But suddenly my eyes began to tear up. Jamie asked why I was crying. 

I said “because I’m so excited.” It’s been 15 minutes now and I’m hiding in the bathroom writing this- eyes still watering. So excited for this little baby. 

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