The Voice (week 6 day 1) 

My wife just made a sound I’ve never heard before. She just spoke in a voice that was not her own. It’s only week 6 and I just heard what I will now call “the voice.” 

We ran out for some groceries, and as we were putting them away she got frustrated. This led to her lying down on the couch, blanket over her head, and pretending to be asleep. I continued to put groceries away and stayed as silent as possible, as I’ve learned quickly to do. 

A few minutes later she got up, walked over, and gave me a hug. I gave her a kiss and said “love you.” In this moment I thought it would be great to show her my handiwork putting groceries in the fridge. As I opened the door and her eyes hit the fridge shelves I heard it. 

“That” “doesn’t” “go” “there!” It was a cross between a werewolf, Linda Blair in The Exorcist, and a kid going through puberty. It was, “the voice.” 


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