The perfect morning (week 6 day 3) 

Future dads: If you read any post on this page, read this one. I know how you feel. It’s been 2 weeks or so since you found out your amazing wife is pregnant, you’re excited, but things are a bit “challenging” right now. 

You’ve probably figured out by now that nothing fits her right. Each morning as she gets ready for work steam and flames radiate from the bedroom. Her bras are breaking. She feels bloated. She is struggling with trying not to eat. Fighting to stay awake after work. It feels like you are walking on eggshells, and one wrong word can set her off. I’m there! But this morning I pulled off the perfect morning. I’ll share! 

My wife used to get up at 5:15am to go to the gym with me. Now, she sleeps until the last possible moment. So this morning, I went back to my routine and got up at 5:15, an hour and a half before she got up. I drank my coffee and watched the news, and mentally prepared to get back out and run. 

At 6am I went to run, and timed it so that I would finish up my 4 miles right around the time she would get up. At 6:55am, as I was walking the let quarter mile back I texted “Good morning honey. Are you awake yet?” She texted back “I’m up. Hi.” 

When I walked in the house I said “Morning monkey- what would you like for breakfast?” Then walked straight to he kitchen and made her a quick breakfast. Things are already going smoother than normal. 

As she ate and woke up I stayed quiet. I asked her for any updates, and she told me all about the news she had absorbed in her first 10 minutes awake. When she was done I asked “and you?” She said everything is the same, then layed down. Instead of saying “it’s time for you to get ready babe” I stayed quiet and let her do her thing. 

At 7:20 she got into the shower, and I stayed clear. After the shower she got dressed and I stayed clear. (This is new- normally I pester and flirt.) 

When I knew she was dressed (and done trying on things that don’t fit) I poked my head into the bedroom and asked what she would like me to make her for lunch. I then got the heck out and went and made her a lunch. 

She finally came out, grabbed her lunch, thanked me for all the help, and kissed me goodbye. I couldn’t believe the morning went so smooth. Perfect in fact. 

So guys- if you are struggling with adjusting to her hormones and fatigue try what I did; take over. Take care of her. Take things off her plate. Do things you normally wouldn’t do. And at all costs, stay away when she is trying on her clothes. 

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