Olive Garden 

Pregnancy hormones are no joke. We just had an amazing dinner, which we met at since she was on her way home from work and starving. 

I’m wearing a shirt that I ordered that says “this guy has a crush on his wife,” and there are roses sitting on the kitchen counter to surprise he when she gets in the house. 

But- can’t get her to the house. When we left the Restaraunt in two different cars she went left, while I went right. I ended up passing her at a stoplight while she waited. I then got a text “just had to go a different route so you could pass me huh.” 

Now she is off “running errands” and I’ve been told to “do my own thing.” All because I didn’t follow her out of the parking lot. 

Date : ruined. 

Flowers: ruined. 

Evening: shot. 

Hormones 1. Me 0. 

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