First Doctor Appointment! (Week 8 day 4) 

I was “off the grid” for a while there. There has been a lot of adjusting to this new life! I quit smoking exactly 1 month ago- and haven’t had so much as a beer since the same day. I feel great but the days have gotten long! 

My wife is doing amazing! Her moods are starting to level out a little, and she can manage, with effort, to keep her eyes open past 8pm now. 

Today we had our first appointment. We were both nervous and apprehensive in recent days- just hoping and praying our little Blueberry would have a string heartbeat and be the right size. Actually, I could barely sleep the last few nights- but I didn’t tell my wife.

We both took off work early and met today at 2pm for the doctor appt. I had chicken nuggets and fries in the truck for my stink when she arrived. An update on her diet while we are on the subject? It mainly consists of Lucky Charms and French Fries. At least that’s what makes her happy right now! 

Anyway- we headed in for the appointment and were ushered into the room with the stirrups. Moment of truth time. Tears are welling up in my eyes from emotion as we wait. The nurse comes in for the Ultrasound and my wife makes a couple short, nervous comments and attempts small talk. 

The Ultrasound starts. Something grainy- a white speck. She gets closer, A BABY! She turns on the audio- A HEARTBEAT! Fast! Strong! The nurse says “that’s a healthy heartbeat. Very strong!” She goes on to say “everything looks perfectly normal.”

I clapped. I yelled “YES!” My eyes watered. I was overcome with emotion. I put my hand on my wife and saw that she was also very emotional. She said “We have a baby!” 

One of the best days of my life. I can’t begin to explain my excitement. Just trying to keep it in check until week 12 when we are in the clear. 

Here is the 8 week sonogram photo. 


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