The beginnings of your nursery 

Mom and I have been hard at work on your little room. It used to be a gym- and back when mom having a Baywatch body was more important to her than Lucky Charms and growing you- there was a treadmill and workout gear in there. 

When we found out you were on the way we started cleaning it out. Mom has picked the paint colors, and had started working on your room. I switched out all the light switches and plugs. I also gave you a brand new air vent. This may sound boring now, but when you get a little older and start hooking up tvs, video games, and speakers in there you will be glad I put those new plugs in. 

We can’t wait for your arrival little baby. It’s Sunday morning now and we are painting then going to breakfast and the Brocante Market to look for furniture. We are getting the whole house fixed up before you get here so you can have your first visitors in style. 

Here are some pics: your room today, the first thing mom bought for your room, (some shelf unit), and your first onesies. 

Week 15 starts today. We’ll handle preparations for your arrival- you just hang out in there and grow. We love you! 


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