From dad 

All day I wonder-

What the heck are you doing in there?

What color are your eyes?

Do you have any hair?

Are you awake and dancing?

Are you passed out asleep?

What will you be someday?

Do you have mine or moms feet?

What will the world be like,

When you are my age,

What will you do

On your favorite days?

Will you have goals like I do,

Will you push yourself to grow?

Will you be a giant extrovert,

Or just go with the flow?

I can’t begin to imagine,

Who and what you will be,

But I know one thing kiddo,

You’re going to frigging love me.

I got your back little champ,

Or daddies little girl,

I’ll be right beside you,

As you walk through this weird world.

I’ll teach you mistakes I’ve made,

And you’ll only listen sometimes,

But I’ll always do my very best,

To help you avoid repeating mine,

You’ll make some dumb choices,

You’ll learn stuff the hard way,

And I’ll wait to jump in,

So you learn your lesson those days.

As you sit in moms tummy,

And prepare to meet your mother and I,

I love you little baby, kiddo, peanut,

And I hope you got moms eyes.




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