The battle of the Boppy 

I’m tired!

Moms butt and back were hurting a lot last week as she adjusts to having you growing inside her. I did some research and found the Boppy Pillow. It basically lays next to mom, and she wraps her legs around it. It’s supposed to make her butt stop hurting. So far it’s worked pretty well. 

I woke up last night and hit the restroom. When I snuck back into bed, careful not to wake your mom, there was no space for me to crawl into. Well to be more exact there was a small space, and I was able to slide into it if I layed on my side. I also had to keep my arm either up on my side or hanging over the edge. 

I found myself in a precarious position; stay in this small space and attempt to sleep, or take a chance at repositioning to get onto my stomach and possibly wake mom. Which do you think I chose? 

Option A. Let mom sleep. Let you sleep. I laid on my side, still as possible, and waited to fall asleep. And waited. And waited. And waited. 

Eventually I just got up! Heres a pic from 5am this morning. Hope you are sleeping well little baby. 


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