The work announcement!

(This is the email that I sent out at work)


As all of you know, my wife Jamie and I are from San Diego, California. Back home we survived on a diet consisting mainly of burritos and tacos like the one seen here:


The story of our marriage also involves Mexican food- After 2 years of chasing Jamie and losing over 40 pounds, nothing would work. I brought her breakfast to work every day, asked her out all the time, and even made friends with her girlfriends. I tried and tried to get a date. One night while out with mutual friends and Jamie, I walked up and asked her, “Would you want to walk down the block and grab a burrito and go watch Ghost Adventures at my apartment?” Next thing I knew we were walking down the street holding hands. 2 years of work and all it took was a burrito to break through.

I proposed to Jamie on Cinco de Mayo, her favorite holiday, in Old Town San Diego, a tiny village founded in the 1800’s. Since Cinco De Mayo is a massive celebration in San Diego, there were thousands of people crowded into this tiny village. I kept trying to pull Jamie into a quiet, less crowded part of the park to propose. As if she knew what I was doing, each time she said “I’m not going over there!” Eventually we had to eat. I grabbed a table outside at Casa Guadalajara. As we sat down I ordered two shots of tequila.

When the waiter came over I asked him to take a photo of us. Jamie was confused as to why I wanted a pic, but went along. Once he was ready to snap the photo I dropped to one knee beside her and proposed. I was so nervous I threw the ring across the table instead of putting it on her finger. Once she said yes I jumped up and screamed ‘SHE SAID YES!’ A mariachi band started playing and everyone in the restaurant cheered!


In June, for our 3rd wedding anniversary Jamie and I took an awesome trip to Cozumel, Mexico. It was one of the best vacations we have taken. We rented a car and spent almost a whole day seeing sights and searching for the perfect taco. It was a perfect, relaxing, stress free vacation and a chance to really spend some quality time together.


We have been trying to take the next step in our lives by starting a family for a couple of years now. Often you guys ask if we have had any luck yet. Sadly, the answer has always been no.

If only there was something Mexican involved. Seems like all of our best luck and memories are around Mexican food, Mexico, or Mexican villages.

But wait- isn’t Cozumel IN MEXICO?

Didn’t we eat MEXICAN FOOD?


It would only make sense that…

Something awesome would have happened..

Maybe something 2 years in the making??




There’s a BABY MEINSEN on the way!


I’ve also been putting a things down on a blog as I wait for my first kid. If you want to check it out click here:


By the way- Jamie and I have a very small discount airfare website, You should check it out if you are looking for flights. It is cheaper than any site you will try. 🙂


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