Your mom is working the commencement ceremony/graduation for work this morning. She is supposed to leave at 6:45am. Her friend is picking her up soon- but she is nowhere near ready. For once, I am laying in bed while she gets ready. She’s saying some pretty funny stuff to herself. Thought i would share as it happens. 

“What are these pants. NOPE!” 

Singing: “I have you get ready in 10 minutes.. Yeah yeah 10 minutes.” 

“You lost the lid for the.. There’s no lid for the.. Whatever.” 

“Found it… World is saved. You want Starbucks?” 

“Ouch.” (While just standing there.) 

*Scurries out of room and then back in.*

“Cherise got you coffee.” 

“I’m getting dressed. Getting this party started.” 

“This is not a baby bump. This is fat.” (She is 15 weeks and you are the size of a house mouse but she refuses to show)

Here is a photo of your mom and Cherise this morning. You will be 4 months along tomorrow. 


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