Saturday Prep 

We have known we are parents-to-be for 3 months now. Each weekend we get a little better at the new routine. While mom is off at our work graduation ceremony, I am home tending the farm. I just gone done with my run, and it’s time to plan the weekend. 

I’ve learned that the key is to have everything you need at the house should your mom decide its “sleepy time.” But also to always be ready if she suddenly wants to head out. Here’s my plan: 

1. Go to car wash.

2. Go get propane for smoker. (First Sunday football tomorrow) also my last football season of my entire life that I won’t be a dad. 

3. Go get ribs to smoke, hamburger meat in case she asks for sliders or a burger, get some frozen French fries in case that request comes in, and get some quality root beer or soda in a bottle so we can pretend we have a Miller Lite tomorrow. 

4. Dry cleaner 

5. Pull boat out of garage and start it up to charge battery and cycle fuel. The boat hasn’t been out in a while. 

6. Clean up so she won’t have to. 


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