Mom attempts to cook breakfast 

Your mom doesn’t usually move until she has had her Lucky Charms. Since it’s Sunday she’s going to attempt making chorizo burritos. 

We woke up today, watched our week 15 baby video, attempted to strap on a music belt that would allow you to hear music in the womb, (and failed), and updated the “pregnancy journal.” Turns out we need to start signing up for baby classes. 

I’m waiting on laundry and listening to your mom pitter-patter around kitchen. Here’s some of moms random comments: 

“Where’s the other pan.. NOPE.” 
“I don’t want a cookie right now.” 

“You’re lazy and you don’t do crap while I grow our child. Just kidding! Haha” 

“You’re probably like finally! She got her ass off the couch!” 

“I know what you’re doing.” 

Singing: “Wayfair you got just what I need… When is our bed going to get here, I don’t fricking know…yeah yeah” 


“Pans are supposed to be hot when you put food in them babe.” 

“Oh my God.” 

*singing Wayfair song again* 

“Are you fricking kidding me!? We have one tortilla left!” 

Me: “you can have it.”

Her: “well of course I’m gonna have it! But I wanted two!”

“Crap. It’s not even a good one!” 

Singing again “Wesley Chapel… TOYOTA!” 

Now she is just screaming Toyota, Toyota, Wayfair, Toyota over and over. 

“Cook little eggies, cook!” 


Now she has changed the Wesley Chapel Toyota song from “Wesley chapel, Toyota..” To “little chorizo… BURRITO!” 

“I am weaning myself off of Lucky Charms.” 

“You think you can handle that? I don’t think so.” 

“You can’t handle the truth!” 

*sings Wesley Chapel Toyota song again*

“You’re getting kind of demanding over there on the couch.”


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