Never run out of Lucky Charms! 

Hi baby. It’s Thursday morning. One week from today I will know if you are my little “dude,” or my little “princess.” The most common question I get each day has changed from “Chris- how did you get so handsome” to “When do you find out if it’s a girl or boy?”I have to admit- it’s pretty awesome. I mean, these rugged good looks weren’t going to get me by forever. 

A couple of days ago your mom ran out of Lucky Charms. If you’ve been reading these notes I’ve left for you in order you know that her main staples are 1) French Fries and 2) Lucky Charms. So this is a recipe for disaster. She stated a couple of days ago that she was going to try and ween herself off of them. Its been easy for her- but what I’ve found out is this: if she doesn’t eat Lucky Charms, I get to cook eggs, bacon, and toast for her each morning. So yeah, your mom now has me working as a maid, a masseuse, a handyman, a chauffeur, and now as a 6:30am short order cook. 

I don’t mind. I love your momma. And I love you already. Mom let me feel your little cocoon in her tummy the last couple days. I can’t feel you yet, but I can feel the uterus. To be honest you kinda feel like an M&M. Like a hard candy shell. Makes sense- you’re just a little peanut. 

Anyway- ran this morning, your grandma and grandpa Gray get here in 2 weeks, and life is good. I’m looking forward to going to more Baby stores this weekend to learn more about what you need and how I use the darned stuff. 

Hope you are having a nice day riding around in moms tummy. Love ya kiddo. 



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