The Battle of the Boppy – The Sequel 

Dear kiddo, 

As you read earlier, mom has this weird body pillow thing called a Boppy. She wraps her body around it (instead of me) because it helps with butt pain from pregnancy. (She has a pain in the butt.) That pillow takes up so much room in the bed that I was fitting into what was left of the bed, and that space was getting smaller and smaller. 

Since moms favorite new place to be is bed (in between her 10 hour workdays), we decided that a new bed was a neccessary splurge item. We went out a couple of weeks ago and bought a new mattress and bed frame- a King! I’ve only had the Royal privilege of sleeping in a King bed on vacations, so this is a big deal! 

Yesterday I had the day off. I spent the day moving our old bed from our room to the spare room, then assembling this monstrosity of a bed in our master. Now the spare room has been dubbed “The Grandparents room,” and our room is ready for you to grow as big as you want in moms tummy. Everything is all set, and you are ready to have lots of overnight and extended guests once you make your entrance. 

Just now, as mom was adding pillows to our new bed and getting it all made up for the first time she called me in the room.

 She said, “Look how pretty!” 

I replied “Too many pillows.” 

She retorted, “You don’t sleep in it like that!” 

So I am under the assumption that we (I), now have an additional daily chore; removing and replacing all these darn pillows. 

If you turn out to be my little son we can someday joke about how hard it is to understand the strange things women do, like placing 30 pillows on a bed that they won’t sleep on, in a room they don’t look at unless it’s bedtime. 

If you turn out to be my little daughter perhaps one day you can teach me why you need so many pillows, and I’ll make sure you have as many useless pillows as your little heart desires. 

Whatever you are in there- I love you. 


Here’s a pic of the new “Grandparents Room” 

And here is your mom and dads new bed- along with all the pillows.


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