Your first bike ride. Or is it?

Dear baby, 

It’s Sunday morning. Mom was the first one up this morning- and as I heard her quietly try to sneak out of the room I yelled “No!” I was awake. 

First thing- check the baby apps! Week 16 videos on What To Expect and YouTube. Apparently now you can hear us, and it’s recommended that we start reading to you. Your mom said, “see, you have to let me buy baby story books!” I’m sure today we will be out finding some. 

 Our great friends Brett and Allyson from San Diego (back home) are in Florida with family and we are meeting them for lunch at 1pm in Palm Harbor. Really excited to see our friends. Brett was in our wedding. Great guy. Allyson is also amazing. They make a perfect couple.

We sat on the couch for a bit and I had my coffee- then I suggested we take a bike ride. Your mom was into it! She’s getting her energy back! 

We enjoyed a nice bike ride around the neighborhood. Mom looked so cute riding around with her little baby bump. (You) 

Well I gotta run- lots to do today and you need storybooks! 

Love you, 


Here’s you and mom on a bike. 


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