Uber, Hilda, and Cracker Barrel 

Good morning Son! 

Your mom and I are out in the world early this Saturday. Moms car needed an oil change, and the dealership is about 30 minutes away. In case you ever wonder later- when mom was pregnant with you she drove a 2016 Mazda CX-5 she calls “Zoom-Zoom.” 

When we checked the car in at service they told us that the work would take about an hour. I decided to call an Uber and go get breakfast. Lucky for me there’s a Cracker Barrel a couple miles away. (Your dad loves Cracker Barrel.) 

Enter: Hilda. The Uber app said Hilda was arriving in 1 minute. Then it said 6. Then her car was facing the wrong way. Then she appeared to be driving in circles. Eventually I just grabbed your mom and said “let’s go outside.” 

Once we got out there we saw a car pull up in the middle of Wesley Chapel blvd and stop. Hilda. 

When we walked up to the car to get in Hilda started to take off. I screamed, “Hilda!” She stopped. We got in. Your mom was cracking up.

We got into the car and Hilda was playing Spanish music and said “I don’t speak much English.” It felt like we were on vacation back in Cozumel. 

Hope you are having a good morning little buddy. Wakey wakey here comes eggs and bakey!

Your mom is egg-cited for breakfast! 




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