Lil’ Dude or Little Princess? 

Dear baby, 

What a morning! You won’t even be born until next March and you are already creating quite a ruckus! 

 Mom and I drove to the big doctor’s appointment together today. On the way there mom started crying a little bit- I think from all the excitement, and got kinda worked up. When we hit a stoplight I quickly Googled “short funny jokes,” and started reading them to her. She tried to fight it a little, but within a minute she was laughing. I mean, how can you resist gems like:

 Q. How do you get a tissue to dance?

A. Put a little boogie in it!

 Q. Why wouldn’t the baby shrimp share his food?

A. Because he was a little shellfish!

 Anyway, we arrived at the doctor, did the waiting room thing, and eventually made it to the sonogram room. The time had come. All the nerves, the excitement, the hoping, the preparing. In a few minutes we would know. Are you a little girl or a little boy?

 The sonogram tech had a little trouble finding out at the start. You had managed to cross your legs under your butt, and you were sitting Indian style. She moved your mom onto her side, moved her back, and worked to get you into a position where your legs would open. Then, suddenly, the picture got a little more clear. And… a set of acorns! YOU’RE A BOY! MY SON! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

 The tech told us, “You have a cute little baby BOY!” I yelled with excitement. Your mom looked over and gave me a high five. I cannot explain how excited I am. Little League, bike rides, baseball games, boats, sticks, mud, lizards, and bugs- I know how to be a boy. And I am SO PROUD of you already. I’ve been walking around with my chest out all day. I’m a dad. And I’ve got a SON on the way!

 When I got to work my team had a big gender reveal. They had cupcakes and icecream, and they sprayed me with Silly String. I’ve been talking about you all day. Everyone is so excited about you. We are going to have a blast together. Can’t wait to teach you to BBQ, how to shoot a BB gun, how to hit a baseball, how to ride a bike, how to treat a lady, everything! ARGH! So pumped!

 I can’t wait to meet you little dude. Be nice to mom while you are hitching a ride in there. I’ll have everything ready when you get here. Be good.



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