Grandpa Gray’s first flight, First pieces of your nursery 

Dear kiddo, 

Your Grandpa Gray has never been on a plane. They are coming out from El Centro, California, to visit your mom and I in Tampa. Since that would be one heck of a drive- they are flying. 

Your mom asked your Grandma Gray yesterday if Grandpa was getting nervous about flying. Check out the text: 

That’s right- your grandpa is preparing for his first flight by listening to insides of planes on YouTube! Pretty ingenious really; I would never have thought to do that! 

You are the size of a chipmunk now, and 17 weeks along. You can hear, see, and touch. Pretty amazing that you will still be hitching a ride in mom for another 5 months. 

We picked up some stuff for your nursery this weekend. There’s a little sneak peak at the bottom. 

Hope you are having a good morning little dude. Love ya buddy. 



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