How to succeed at work. 

Dear Son,

Once you get somewhat grown up you’ll get what’s called a “job.” My first job was a paper route when I was 9 years old. Around 4am a truck would pull up and drop bundles of newspapers off in our driveway. I’d get up soon after and roll all those newspapers and add rubber bands. If it was raining, I would place them in plastic sleeves.

Next, by around 6am- I rode my bicycle about 4 miles around the neighborhood and tossed those papers onto my customers driveways. If I made a mistake the customer would complain and I would have to correct it. Even at 9 years old- I never called in sick.

Your dad has a pretty solid reputation when it comes to working. As I learned from my dad long ago I “save my sick days for when I’m feeling good,” and I always do my best. I’ve been really fortunate and successful in my career, and I want to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way. Maybe I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made.

1. No one cares why you are late. Get to work on time. I’ve showed up an hour early every day for 10 years. You’re my son. Do the same.

2. When you are winning- be humble. I’ve been too cocky at times- it’s cost me friends and advancement opportunities.

3. Treat everyone with respect and be nice to all those around you. You never know who will be your boss someday. (This one has happened to me. My boss now was my biggest competition for years)

4. Treat your employees like adults. Never micromanage. Happy employees perform.

5. Never ask your employees to do anything you don’t do yourself. Respect must be earned.

6. Work on yourself. You can always be better. Read about successful people. Learn.

7. Set huge goals. Just meeting expectations isn’t our way. Aim higher.

8. Wake up early. If you’re anything like your pops, your most productive hours will be the first few hours you are awake. Use them!

9. Feedback is a gift. How would you know what you need to work on if no one ever told you?

10. Assume Positive Intent (This one is from mom.) Those around you, your employees, your coworkers- they all want to be successful. They want to do things correctly. They aren’t failing or struggling on purpose. Always assume they are trying to win.

11. Be the best man you can be. Above all else Son, just be the best you can. Make the right decisions- you know what they are. Be a good guy. Help people. Smile. Make lots of friends. Enjoy life. Enjoy work. You are set up to be a really amazing man. Whatever you want to do- mom and I have your back!

Hope this helps kiddo.


Here’s a random picture of me doing a dunk tank for charity at work in 2015. 


One thought on “How to succeed at work. 

  1. Taylor September 26, 2016 / 6:10 pm

    I love your blog I wait for a new one everyday 💜 Keep it up ! Your son will love this !

    Liked by 1 person

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