Your moms thoughts in the shower. 

Hey kiddo- your mom is all fired up since your grandparents are here. She’s chirping like a bird from the shower. Here’s some of her gems this morning: 

Singing “Wayfair you got just what I need.” 

“Is it foggy outside? Soggy. Soggy Bottom.” 


“What should we do for dinner tonight? PARTY! PIZZA PARTY!” 

Singing “Parents, Parents in Tampa… Party, Pizza Party!” 

“That’s YOUR poop smell!” 

“The lawn looks great. How much was our lawn?” 

“I’m concentrating now.” From shower

“I don’t ever want to get out of the shower.” 

Singing again “PARTY- pizza PARTY!” 

“What am I gonna eat for lunch?” 

“My brothers used to dance around in their underwear.” 

“They were big fans of Beastie Boys.” 

“Sleep away dad. You sleep away.” 
Well son- that’s your mom. 



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