Your first time on the boat as a fetus! With Grandpa Gray! 

Hey there sport! 

Mom and I took your grandpa out on the boat today. We went down the Hillsborough River and into Tampa Bay past downtown. At one point I started to speed up, then I realized you were probably getting bumped around a bit in there. I wonder what you thought was going on! 

Grandpa had a great time, and it was awesome watching him and your mom get quality time out on the water together. Great memories. If we still have the boat when you get here, this day is probably why. Terrific day out on the water. 

Right now your mom and Grandpa are off getting sandwiches for lunch while Grandma and I watch some TV and relax. We plan on taking Grandpa to see a Western at the movie theater this afternoon. 

Hope you are having a good day in there son. Get ready for a sub sandwich little feller. Eat up and grow, grow, grow! 

Here are some photos from today! 

Love ya Lil’ Dude, 



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