The Baby Stuff Explosion! 

Morning little Rockstar, 

You got SO MUCH NEW STUFF THIS WEEKEND! You probably won’t remember any of this stuff by the time you read these notes- but this was your first huge shopping spree. Your Grandma and you Mom went out on Sunday while Grandpa and I watched football and BBQ’ed. 

I knew it was getting bad when your mom texted “I need to come back and borrow your truck.” 

You got like 30 new outfits, a play pen (thanks Grandma!) a stroller (thanks Cherise and Damian!) and a bunch of other stuff. Grandma Gray even got you a rubber duckie! 

You’ll be here in 22 weeks little dude. I can’t wait! Hurry up! Your dad wants to play with you. 

Love ya, 



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