Priorities. Save this one. 

Good morning little dude,

Time is a crazy concept. Work is a crazy concept. While we are on the subject stoplights, slow drivers, waiting at deli counters, presidential election campaigns, boarding in zones on airplane flights, time zones, and getting the same amount of paid time off for Presidents Day as you do for Christmas are all crazy concepts. 

Anyway- as you noticed I haven’t written you a note in 5 days. I realized this when I woke up today. Then I realized it’s already Thursday. And it made me a little worried, and little sad. I’ll explain. 

It’s been a crazy week at work. I get there around 8am every day- and I am usually there until at least 7pm. So a normal day for your dad goes like this: 

5:15am – Wake up. Drink coffee and watch news. 

5:45am – Run a few miles. 

7:00am – Get in shower, get ready, go!

8:00am – Arrive at work. 

7:30pm – Leave work. 

8:00pm – Get home. 

9:30pm – Go to bed. 

So, as you see- I have about 2 hours a day at home, and about 11.5 per day at work. Your mom is the same. This brings me full circle back to my point: it’s already Thursday. A crazy workweek, a couple of days without writing to you, and I just missed 4 days of your life. 

What if you were already born? 

Just thinking ahead. I want to spend every minute with you. I want to hear your little burps, your little noises, even your ear piercing screams and cries. I can’t let a “crazy week at work” turn time into a blur and miss you do something amazing. 

I now understand the things I’ve heard in the past about dads who work too much. They say becoming a dad changes you. What I didn’t know is that it starts happening long before your son arrives. 

You aren’t even here and you are one of my two top priorities. 

1. Mom. 

1. (Tie) My son. 

3. Work. 

Just want you to know- you and mom are more important than anything else. If you read this someday- and I happen to be at work- and you have a baseball game tonight, a play, a concert, ANYTHING you are afraid I might be late to because of work: send me this post. 

I’ll drop what I’m doing. I’ll be there. 
I love you, 



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