Me and you kid. 

Hello Baby Boy! 

You’ll be here in 119 days! This week I started being able to feel you kick if I put my head on moms tummy. It’s pretty incredible- sometimes it sounds like you are knocking on a tiny door, other times it sounds like you dropped a water balloon. You’re in there! And moving more than ever! 

Well son- your nursery is done, your dresser is full of brand new clothes, your stroller is sitting in the dining room, and I think we’ve got everything ready. So now… we wait. And wait. And wait. Come on dude! 

Since we are done getting ready for you for now, I’m more focused on getting mom taken care of now. You would be amazed how many clothes your momma wears in a week! She has tons of maternity clothes- but each morning before work she can’t find anything to wear. 

I try to get out of the shower and out of the bathroom/bedroom before she gets done drying her hair. Things get a little touch-and-go after that, because she gets kind of upset sometimes when her clothes don’t fit. 

Last week I was in there twice when she got to the clothes picking stage. I got to see first hand what she goes through while trying to get ready, and I didn’t like it. You see son, your dad works really hard. I went to school for my Bachelors Degree in Management, then went back for my Masters Degree. I have an MBA now. Also, I was recruited by the company I work at and your mom and I moved across the country, leaving all of our friends and family in San Diego so that we could be successful in Tampa. 

After all of this effort and sacrifice in pursuit of an amazing life- it drives me CRAZY that your mom has nothing to wear. As hard as I work I think your mom should have 3 closets full of clothes, a nice car, and anything that her little heart desires. (Within reason.) 

So when I saw that she was so upset trying to get dressed I made a decision- time for a shopping spree. 

Yesterday I took you and your momma to the Orlando Outlets and Motherhood Maternity. We set up shop in the dressing room, and I helped her try on at least 50 different items. She looked ADORABLE. We got her so much cool stuff! We also got her lots of comfortable flat shoes so her feet won’t hurt so bad. 

Mom spent so much time getting ready for you that we forgot to take care of her. Not anymore! She’s all set! 

I love you both so much. It blows my mind every day that my kid, my son, my little dude- is inside the person I love more than anyone in the world. There have been so many days where I have looked at your mom, my wife, and thought “I couldn’t possibly love you more.” 

That wasn’t true. Now that you’re in there I definitely love her even more. Sometimes I feel like my heart or my head might explode- just so excited and proud. You better be ready to kick butt in life buddy, no pressure. Haha. 

See you in March little guy. 



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