The Pregnant Ninja 

Dad finally got an amazing night of sleep. Didn’t wake up unti 6:48am too! 

Just hit the couch with mom: 

Mom: How did you sleep?


Mom: Good! You didn’t move at all! 

Me: Yeah! And you never got up. 

Mom: Yes I did! I got up 5 times. 

Me: Damn! You must be turning into a ninja! 

Mom: (smiling all proud) Yep! 

Now she’s telling me about a nightmare where a guy in a cowboy hat and a frog mask tried to kill her for having to pee. 

“Frogman was creepy. And I ran over his cowboy hat when I turned around. I don’t care about you, I have to pee.” 


Hey there little buddy! 

You’ll be here in 40 days! Can you believe it? The time felt so slow as it passed- I mean your dad hasn’t had a beer in 7 months! On the other hand though, you’re almost here now, and it seems like just yesterday I found out you were coming and headed out to Chick-fil-a to grab mom a snack. 

We’ve worked on your room, gathered you 100’s of outfits, diapers, found your Daycare, chose you a pediatrician, went to countless baby doctor appointments, toured the hospital where you will be born, and now.. after about 240 days getting ready.. you are 40 days away. Insane. And your dad couldn’t be more excited or proud. 

You and mom have developed a special relationship. It seems like she already knows you. When we are sitting on the couch watching tv she often can be heard laughing at your funny movements or talking to you. Her newest thing is saying things to you like “what are you doing silly” or “really dude? You have to put your butt there?” I’m actually kind of jealous. 

This morning we were on a walk and I asked mom, “do you feel like you already know our baby?” She replied, “yes! He gets hungry at 1pm. He loves oranges. He likes to push his butt out. He’s active in the early morning.” She went on for a while and it was really cute. She doesn’t know it, but she was glowing. So excited and in love with you already. She was proud of you little man. 

Today I ordered a giant stork for the yard. I want to shout from the mountaintops when you are born, so this was the next best thing. Some company is going to deliver a 6 foot tall stork that will proudly announce you to the neighborhood for a week after you are born. I’ll make sure you have lots of photos. 

Daddy got promoted at work- but you don’t care about that, so I’ll spare you the details. Just know that I love you and I work as hard as I do for you and mom. (And hopefully your brothers and sisters by the time you are old enough to read this.) 

Moms almost home and she is hungry and tired. I’m making homemade pizza and I have to get back to it. 

Hope you are having a good day in moms tummy. Only 39 of those left little dude. 

Love you, 


Daddies baby shower 

Man kiddo, you are spoiled already. Daddies amazing Team, Boomtown, the one that got him promoted, threw you a baby shower today. 

You got SO MUCH STUFF! A little suit from Carlos, a play pad and piano from Gonzalez, a Sophie from LeighAnn, cash money from Cindy, gift cards from everyone, tiny shoes that match dads shoes from Erika- the list goes on and on.  Every single item is so appreciated. 

It’s incredibly humbling that the people that work with your daddy care enough to go out of their way to do this for you. It means not only that they love you already, but that all the hard work your dad does for them means something. 

Someday you’ll be a boss, (if you listen to dad- I’m always right!) and hopefully the same thing happens when you are about to have your baby; my grandson. 

Love you kiddo. See you in 50 days little Booger Bear. 


Your Nursery 

Hey little man! 

Mom and I are off work today, and are headed to meet your pediatrician this morning for the first time. Her name is Laura, and you will be seeing her while you are little! Maybe when you are older you will remember her. 

Your daddy got promoted yesterday at work! After 4+ years of hard work I’ve taken on a new role. Now we can put down roots in Florida a bit and start making long term plans for you. 

Mom left me this really cute note yesterday morning: 

Your nursery is about 95% done. I wanted to share some photos with you, and here is why: someday, when you are a teenager, you will probably have a disgusting room with weird stuff on the walls and crusty socks wedged in weird places. On one of those days, when the rest of our house is beautiful- yet your room is a distaster, I’m going to pull up this post.

Once I have the post open I’m going to show it to you.. and calmly say, “Hey kid- this is what your room looked like when Mom and I were in charge.” 

Then I’m going to drop a microphone and walk off. 

Love ya son,


Bump photo! 31 weeks! 

Hey little fella, 

You’ll be here in NINE WEEKS! It’s insane! You wouldn’t believe you much stuff we have ready for you. Bouncers, new closet, Dr Suess books, clothes, diapers, cameras, toys, bottles.. you are hooked up little man! 

Here is your mom this morning. You are getting big! You’ve also had the hiccups this evening. 

Today we went to breakfast, church, then out on daddies boat. (You’ll probably never see it- about to sell it.) 

Yesterday was my 39th bday. I put a photo from dinner last night below so you can see what dad looked like when you were 0 years old. 

I just took you and your momma for a 2 mile walk. Love you little buddy. Come on already!