Bump photo! 31 weeks! 

Hey little fella, 

You’ll be here in NINE WEEKS! It’s insane! You wouldn’t believe you much stuff we have ready for you. Bouncers, new closet, Dr Suess books, clothes, diapers, cameras, toys, bottles.. you are hooked up little man! 

Here is your mom this morning. You are getting big! You’ve also had the hiccups this evening. 

Today we went to breakfast, church, then out on daddies boat. (You’ll probably never see it- about to sell it.) 

Yesterday was my 39th bday. I put a photo from dinner last night below so you can see what dad looked like when you were 0 years old. 

I just took you and your momma for a 2 mile walk. Love you little buddy. Come on already! 

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