Your Nursery 

Hey little man! 

Mom and I are off work today, and are headed to meet your pediatrician this morning for the first time. Her name is Laura, and you will be seeing her while you are little! Maybe when you are older you will remember her. 

Your daddy got promoted yesterday at work! After 4+ years of hard work I’ve taken on a new role. Now we can put down roots in Florida a bit and start making long term plans for you. 

Mom left me this really cute note yesterday morning: 

Your nursery is about 95% done. I wanted to share some photos with you, and here is why: someday, when you are a teenager, you will probably have a disgusting room with weird stuff on the walls and crusty socks wedged in weird places. On one of those days, when the rest of our house is beautiful- yet your room is a distaster, I’m going to pull up this post.

Once I have the post open I’m going to show it to you.. and calmly say, “Hey kid- this is what your room looked like when Mom and I were in charge.” 

Then I’m going to drop a microphone and walk off. 

Love ya son,



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