Daddies baby shower 

Man kiddo, you are spoiled already. Daddies amazing Team, Boomtown, the one that got him promoted, threw you a baby shower today. 

You got SO MUCH STUFF! A little suit from Carlos, a play pad and piano from Gonzalez, a Sophie from LeighAnn, cash money from Cindy, gift cards from everyone, tiny shoes that match dads shoes from Erika- the list goes on and on.  Every single item is so appreciated. 

It’s incredibly humbling that the people that work with your daddy care enough to go out of their way to do this for you. It means not only that they love you already, but that all the hard work your dad does for them means something. 

Someday you’ll be a boss, (if you listen to dad- I’m always right!) and hopefully the same thing happens when you are about to have your baby; my grandson. 

Love you kiddo. See you in 50 days little Booger Bear. 



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