24 Days and Daddy Got You A New Truck! 

Hey little dude! 

My old truck didn’t have a back seat, so there was no room for my little man. Mom kept saying that I didn’t need to take you anywhere in my truck, but I imagine taking you everywhere with me. Mom keeps having to explain that I can’t do what I want to do with you until you are older. Here are some examples: 

Me: Man I can’t wait to take my son to a spring training baseball game. I think he and I will go to a game every Sunday. 

Mom: Honey, you can’t take an infant to a baseball game. 

Me: I want to get zoo memberships. I’m going to take my son all the time. 

Mom: No need to do that yet, he won’t enjoy that until he gets a little older. 

Me: I need a truck. Little guy is going to want to bring his bike places, and throw his baseball stuff in back.

Mom: Honey- he won’t ride a bike for like 5 years. 

Nevertheless It was time to trade in “truck-truck.” No matter what anyone says I’m not leaving the house without my son! You and me against the world! 

You’ll be riding in style- big back seat with a power rear window! You even have cup holders for your drinks! You will always remember this as your daddies first truck. 

24 Days little buddy. Come see your new truck! 




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