Pics from your first 4 days on earth. 

Daddy and his baby boy. 

Uncle Paul came to meet you in the hospital. 

Mom and I couldn’t handle you being under the photo-therapy lights. We kept rescuing you. 

Moms first food in 48 hours. 

Mom and her favorite little man.

They kept taking your blood. 

This is your first meme. I sent it to all Management at work. 

This pic is your 3rd day on earth. 

Mom and Tucker on day 3. Look what you did to your momma! Lol 

You’re like “bad joke dad. Not funny.”

Daddy cuddle time. 

Cutest baby ever. 

Ready to go home! This is the outfit you wore out of the hospital. 

First time in a car seat.

Rolling out! 

First time at home- and your stork! 

Leaving the hospital in your brand new truck daddy got for you. 

Barely larger than an iPhone 6. 

Dino baby! 


Sleepy boy. 

Rough night? 

Meeting uncle Nick. 

Your grandparents. They wanted to take you home. 

Daddies special little man. 


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