6 week old update

-You smile now some, but mom thinks it’s not on purpose.

-You try to talk when we have conversations with you. Mom says you are a great storyteller. 

-You love to take naps on dad. 

-Every morning around 4am I grab you from your sleep and play and put you on my chest in bed and snuggle for an hour. 

– Mom is like a different person. If I have you more than 2 feet away she is always watching like a hawk and waiting to take you back. She loves her Captain Bubbers. 

-We took you to Little League last weekend. 

-You and I watch a lot of baseball. 

-We can put you in the pool soon. You have little swimmers! 

-Everywhere we take you people go nuts. Not sure if you are the cutest baby ever, or people just really like babies. 

-Outside at Pallet Bar you love to stare at the sky.