First annual Birthday Baseball Game

Well kiddo- you are one now. It was the fastest year of my life watching you sprout from a tiny little blob that couldn’t even smile. Now you call mom and I by name, laugh uncontrollably, and walk whenever you forget you don’t know how.

You’ve changed our lives so much son. No matter how bad a day gets, you are there at the end of it with a big hug and a sloppy Bubba kiss. Sitting in the backyard used to bore me; now I could spend 3 days straight watching you splash and play. Mom and I love you so much, and it’s awesome how much you love us too.

For 38 years I looked forward to a day where I could take my son to a baseball game. Little girls dream of their wedding day. I dreamed of being a dad. So yesterday was a big one for me.

I got to carry you on my shoulders. Let you get a little sunburn on your cheeks. Let you chew on my hotdog. Watch you play in the outfield grass seats. Watch you and mom frolick. Let you taste my hotdog.

You’re my favorite Tucker. Thanks for making the last year the most special for mom and I ever. Can’t wait to see the little man you become.