Dad Tucker Ditch Day

Hey bud- good morning. I just carried you downstairs and put you with momma. You slept on her all night, while I was apparently snoring up a storm and keeping her awake.

Yesterday I got this weird feeling that you needed your dad. Yeah, I know, you’re 20 months old, and everyone would say I’m crazy. But this gut feeling hit me in the morning- and it didn’t go away all day. Just kept nagging me. Every few minutes I had this hunch that you were lonely, or missed dad, or something was wrong at school. So I banged out a days worth of work by 2 and asked my bosses if I could have the afternoon.

I got to you right after your nap. You woke up dreary eyed and looked confused. You checked the window- it’s still light. You checked the room, it’s nap time. I could see your wheels turning. Then I said, “Let’s goooo” and you crawled up and realized we were outta there!

First we went to get you a haircut, but you weren’t having it. Seems you really want to let your hair grow, so we took off.

Next we went to the park in Westchase. You went CRAZY for over an hour crawling towers and going down slides. It was awesome, and I was so grateful that I had the time with you.

After the park we went to AMC Veterans and saw your first ever movie! You were an angel! You curled all up in your little recliner, milk, a banana, and pretzels- and just loved every second. You kept yelling and pointing at the screen when cool stuff happened. It was great. Just can’t tell you how much I love ya kid.

Couple times during the movie you crawled over and laid on me- 5 or 10 minutes, then went back.

It was a really special day. I can’t really explain why. But I still feel like you needed me yesterday. And I was there. Always.

Love you so much Taco.