Moms working on your bedroom. 

It’s Sunday. Moms making a window treatment for your bedroom window. She is staining a piece of wood, then we are going to add hooks and mount it above your window to hang your curtains. 

Your dad is marinating wings and getting ready for football. I just fixed the light switch in your room and worked on your floor a little bit. 

If you wonder what all the yelling is today around 4pm, the Chargers are playing the Raiders. 

This is your parents on Sunday- 4 months before you were born. Just preparing for you, daydreaming about you, and counting the days until you get here. 147 to be exact. 

We love you little dude. 


Your first piece of furniture! 

Dear Little Fellar, 

What a day! Shew! Your mom and I started out super early this morning on “The Great Dresser Adventure.” Mom had a place lined up that had lots of antique dressers posted, and we drove out to Clearwater to pick one up. It turned out that the guy pulled a “swoop and swat” meaning that he posted a photo of a dresser he didn’t have to make people drive all the way there- only to try and sell them another product when they got there. Car dealers do this a lot – they advertise a super cheap car, then when you get to the dealership it’s magically sold. 

After that place was a bust your mom and I pulled over and started looking online. We ended up finding your dresser waaaaaaay out in Hudson. It was made by the company Kline, that eventually became Ethan Allen. It’s a numbered piece, the 17th one ever made. Don’t trash it! 

Here’s a photo of the dresser when we picked it up: 

But your mom had a plan. You’ll never see the dresser like this! She had lined up a custom furniture guy- and immediately after picking it up we drove it to him. He worked some magic on it- and when we picked it up it looked like this: 

That’s it! Your first piece of furniture! Custom! All yours! And here are your first 3 stuffed animals Milton, Sunshine Bear, and Elephant on it! 

Love you squirt, 


“Aaaaaaaaa shuooooooop!” 

Good morning kiddo! 

Your momma has been going through some subtle changes as she grows you in her tummy. It’s pretty awesome to watch. She is just about the cutest she has ever been. Whatever chemicals you are making moms body produce are making her absolutley adorable. 

Its 6:30am on Saturday morning and I was sitting on the couch. Your mom was still in bed with the bedroom door shut. Suddenly I hear  “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa schteupppppppppppp!!!”from the depths of the bedroom. Your mom is awake! 

I got up from the couch and headed to the bedroom. Just as my hand hit the door handle it opened from the inside and your mom was standing there. 

It can’t be verified- but I believe your mom just SNEEZED HERSELF AWAKE!!!

Here are some interesting exchanges from this morning:

Me: What do you want to do today? Do you want to take the boat out? 

Your mom: Ummmm… you want to get a dresser?

Me: You want to get a pedi today? You need some pampering. 

Your mom: Ohhhh a dresser with a mirror!

Me: Do you want to go to the outlets and get some stuff? 

Your mom: What? Outlets? Shopping? No. 

On some show on TV they just sold a $1000 cigar- 

Me: Honey what would you do if someone gave you a $1000 cigar to smoke? 

Your mom: I’d sell it. And get a dresser. 

Mom scrolls frantically through her cell phone then states, “ok- this place, has.. a lot of… dressers.” 

Mom: Usually cribs have to be ordered. That’s just how it goes.”

Mom: Now let’s look at cribs on Wayfair!

Singing *Wayfair you got just what I need!* 

Me: Are you going to take me to do anything fun today? 

Mom: Sure! Let’s go bowling! 

Me: I want to go to Nickies for breakfast.

Mom: Okay! Let’s go! (The fastest she has ever made a decision in 5 years) 

Mom: This gray crib isn’t dark enough for you? 

Me: I don’t know it’s kind of light for a boy. I think the difference between a girlie crib and a boy crib is a shade of gray. (Very philosophical this morning) 

**Now I am in the bathroom, and I just received texts. One is a photo of a gray crib. The second text says “see, it can be a boy crib!”**

Mom: Is there a Hobby Lobby around here? 

Me: If you take me to Hobby Lobby I will end up with a remote control plane. 

Mom: Look! This moose head is $25! At Hobby Lobby! 

Me: Are you hungry? 

Mom: Yes. Yes I am. 

Okay son- time to get you and mom fed and watered. Heading out. You’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow! Almost halfway there!

Enjoy breakfast and our errands today. Mom Moving around all day should make it nice and cozy for you in there.

Also thought of a name for you yesterday mom and I really like… 

Love you little dude, 


Your mom, Trollis, and Deception 

We just finished dinner. Your mom put her plate away, then grabbed Trolli Gummy Worms. She looked at me and asked, “would you like a Trolli?” 

I replied, “no thank you.” 

She then tossed the bag over at me and said “don’t let me eat anymore!” I said sure. 

Then I looked over at the table near her and spotted this: 

She had a Trolli ration stash! What the heck!?? Your mom is ridiculous. 



And hey- to all of our readers, we just had our travel site streamlined and simplified. Please check out

Jackpot! Thank you Meagan! 

Dear little Dude,

I just got home from work and your mom has piles and piles of new clothes for you! You have nicer duds than me dude! Jamie is SO EXCITED, and posed for all these photos. 

I don’t even think you can wear all this stuff before you grow out of it! 

I just talked to you in the tummy. I wonder what you heard. Probably something like “arble-garble-rabble-rabble-rargh.” That translates to “I love you son.” 

Baby Bump – 18 Weeks! 

Well little Fella- here you are. You’ve been hitching a ride in your momma for 18 weeks now. This is the first time she has sent me a bump pic on her own. 

You are the size of a sweet potato, and the websites I read say that you can hear me now, so I’m gonna start pestering your mom to let me talk into her belly more. 

Come on son! Hurry up! 

The Baby Stuff Explosion! 

Morning little Rockstar, 

You got SO MUCH NEW STUFF THIS WEEKEND! You probably won’t remember any of this stuff by the time you read these notes- but this was your first huge shopping spree. Your Grandma and you Mom went out on Sunday while Grandpa and I watched football and BBQ’ed. 

I knew it was getting bad when your mom texted “I need to come back and borrow your truck.” 

You got like 30 new outfits, a play pen (thanks Grandma!) a stroller (thanks Cherise and Damian!) and a bunch of other stuff. Grandma Gray even got you a rubber duckie! 

You’ll be here in 22 weeks little dude. I can’t wait! Hurry up! Your dad wants to play with you. 

Love ya, 


A huge honor! Notes From Your Dad chosen as one of the Top 50 Dad blogs in the world by “The Baby Spot!” 

I’m so excited! I just received an email from The Baby Spot, a huge Baby News and Info site, that this little blog has been  chosen as a Top 50 Dad Blog! Check out the article here: 

Top Dad Bloggers 2016

2.5 Generations at Walt Disney World 

2.5 generations were represented on this trip; your Grandparents, your parents, and you in the tummy! 

Today was the Epcot Food and Wine Festival- I hope you enjoyed the samples from around the world mom fed you through your umbilical cord! 

The Baby Bump!!!! Week 18 

Hey kiddo- I can see you!!! 

It didn’t appear that your mom had much of a baby bump, if any at all, until last Thursday. We went to get the gender reveal sonogram and mom layed back and pulled up her shirt. There you were! A little baby bump with my baby boy in it! She had done such a good job hiding it- I was shocked when I finally saw it! 

Yesterday a coworker sent your mom an email with me included. She said “OMG! You are the most adorable preggo- you’re freaking GLOWING!” When I saw the email I was really bummed that I couldn’t see your beautiful mom right then. 

This morning we did final cleanup and prep for your Grandma and Grandpa Gray’s arrival tonight. As I was mopping the floors your mom came out and said “look at this baby bump! It’s a baby!” I dropped what I was doing and rushed over to her. These opportunities don’t come often and I wasn’t going to miss a chance to touch you and tell you I love you. 

Mom says when I talk into her belly to you that all you hear is muffled, garbled sounds. I think you can hear me. I’m going to talk to you anyway. 

Anyway- this morning your mom actually let me take a picture of her baby bump! Here you are little dude! You are hiding in there! Today you are 17 weeks and 3 days old in there. 

Love you!