First boys day out 

Today your mom had to work. You’re almost 6 months old now, so I felt brace enough to try taking you out alone. I figured I could handle it, but knew if it went bad it would go realllllllly bad. Haha. 

So we went for it! I fed you, put you into a short sleeve tshirt and shorts, backed up a baby bag, and threw your Radio Flyer tricycle in the back of the truck. Guys day! Destination: ZOO! 

Everything went smooth and I had a blast with you son. I rolled you up so your little feet could be on the water jet at the splash pad. I put a little fan on you so you could cruise in style. We saw elephants, rhinos, gorillas, and birds. It was pretty hot for you so we only stayed an hour or so. 

Once we were done I cranked the ac in the truck and fed you a ba-ba. 

Had a great day with you kiddo. My little buddy. 




Baby Einstein 

Morning Bubbers! 

Turns out it’s really hard to maintain a blog with a new baby! I’ve been trying to add photos and videos when I’m short on time so you can see all this later. We also add stuff to your Instagram #realtuckergrant and your Twitter @notefromyourdad. 

Anyway- this morning around 5am you woke mom and I up. Not by talking or crying today though. We were awoken to the soothing ocean sounds of your Sea Dream Soother; on, off, on, off. 

You learned how, at 14 weeks, to turn your soother on and off. When I walked over to see it first hand you looked up, smiled at me, then hit the button again. Incredible. 

The lady at your daycare said it’s incredible how fast you are advancing. Mom and I agree. Looks like you are going to be gifted. Maybe you can skip a grade like dad did! 

Honestly, I think dumber people are more happy, since they don’t have to understand or keep up on all the things happening in our world- so if you aren’t a genius no problem! As your great grandpa always said, “the world needs ditch diggers too.” 

Whatever your intelligence level turns out to be, mom and I love you more than you’ll ever know. You have changed so much. You are so playful and active, so sweet. You LOVE your mommy and daddy. 

Gotta get ready for work Bubbers.