Bump photo! 31 weeks! 

Hey little fella, 

You’ll be here in NINE WEEKS! It’s insane! You wouldn’t believe you much stuff we have ready for you. Bouncers, new closet, Dr Suess books, clothes, diapers, cameras, toys, bottles.. you are hooked up little man! 

Here is your mom this morning. You are getting big! You’ve also had the hiccups this evening. 

Today we went to breakfast, church, then out on daddies boat. (You’ll probably never see it- about to sell it.) 

Yesterday was my 39th bday. I put a photo from dinner last night below so you can see what dad looked like when you were 0 years old. 

I just took you and your momma for a 2 mile walk. Love you little buddy. Come on already! 

Your mom, Trollis, and Deception 

We just finished dinner. Your mom put her plate away, then grabbed Trolli Gummy Worms. She looked at me and asked, “would you like a Trolli?” 

I replied, “no thank you.” 

She then tossed the bag over at me and said “don’t let me eat anymore!” I said sure. 

Then I looked over at the table near her and spotted this: 

She had a Trolli ration stash! What the heck!?? Your mom is ridiculous. 



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Jackpot! Thank you Meagan! 

Dear little Dude,

I just got home from work and your mom has piles and piles of new clothes for you! You have nicer duds than me dude! Jamie is SO EXCITED, and posed for all these photos. 

I don’t even think you can wear all this stuff before you grow out of it! 

I just talked to you in the tummy. I wonder what you heard. Probably something like “arble-garble-rabble-rabble-rargh.” That translates to “I love you son.” 

The Baby Bump!!!! Week 18 

Hey kiddo- I can see you!!! 

It didn’t appear that your mom had much of a baby bump, if any at all, until last Thursday. We went to get the gender reveal sonogram and mom layed back and pulled up her shirt. There you were! A little baby bump with my baby boy in it! She had done such a good job hiding it- I was shocked when I finally saw it! 

Yesterday a coworker sent your mom an email with me included. She said “OMG! You are the most adorable preggo- you’re freaking GLOWING!” When I saw the email I was really bummed that I couldn’t see your beautiful mom right then. 

This morning we did final cleanup and prep for your Grandma and Grandpa Gray’s arrival tonight. As I was mopping the floors your mom came out and said “look at this baby bump! It’s a baby!” I dropped what I was doing and rushed over to her. These opportunities don’t come often and I wasn’t going to miss a chance to touch you and tell you I love you. 

Mom says when I talk into her belly to you that all you hear is muffled, garbled sounds. I think you can hear me. I’m going to talk to you anyway. 

Anyway- this morning your mom actually let me take a picture of her baby bump! Here you are little dude! You are hiding in there! Today you are 17 weeks and 3 days old in there. 

Love you!


The big day! 

Dear kiddo, 

I was supposed to get up and run this morning. 

When I woke up this morning your mom was attempting to sneak out of the bedroom. I asked “where are you going?” She said “It’s 6:30! Be quiet-  I’m up!” I never sleep past 5:15am, but I decided to click snooze and go back to sleep. 

When I finally sauntered out of bed I shuffled my way to “the line” and stopped. (We have a seam in the floor, and every morning I greet your mom there and shower her with kisses. When she gets up first I get to get showered with kisses instead.)

She jumped up from the couch like some sort of spider monkey, shouted “yeah yeah yeaaaaaaaah” and attacked me. She was really pretty rough and aggressive for first thing in the morning- lol. I said “what’s going on with you?” 

She exclaimed “Day zero! It’s day zero!” Then she made a bunch of weird little girl screeches and bounced back to the couch. 

I think moms excited. 

Now the text messages are rolling in from your grandma Meinsen. My team is wearing pink or blue to work today and waiting on the results of this mornings gender reveal. A lot of excitement around you this morning! 

Now moms eating Lucky Charms. She said she wants to get you all hyper so you move around and show the doctor “the goods.” 

Well little baby- it’s your first big day. A lot of people are counting on you- no pressure. Let’s see what you got! 


You sure have come a long way! Here’s your very first photo from back in July! 

To be continued 

If you have been following this blog- we are going on a short hiatus. I will still be writing, but since the Grandma and Grandpa Gray have asked not to know the sex until they get to Tampa next Tuesday I will not be publishing any of the drafts. 

Expect a huge day next Tuesday, including the babies gender! 

To be continued 


21 hours, 56 minutes 

Dear baby, 

In 21 hours and 56 minutes we will know what you are in there! I woke up at 1:00am last night and couldn’t fall back asleep. My mind was racing. I was thinking about you. Planning. Wondering what I can do now to insure your success later in life. A 529 prepaid college plan? Read a story to you in the tummy? Start you a savings account? Start researching top notch baby daycares? 

There’s a lot to decide, and a lot to learn. It’s like a new part of my brain has come back on line. Life has been auto pilot for so long, and now I’m having to learn, grow, and take on new responsibilities. Like your mom did long ago, now it’s your turn to make me a better man. 

Anyway- mom woke up this morning, shuffeled out of the bedroom, got her morning hug and kiss- then looked at me and exclaimed, “ONE DAY!!!” She said it several times after that this morning- proving that her mind is just as blown as mine. After tomorrow there will be no more “baby,” or “it.” After tomorrow it will be “him,” or “her.” 

Little dude or little princess. What are you? I can’t wait to find out. 

You aren’t even born and you are already driving me nuts kid. 



A word on friends 

Dear kiddo,

Hope you are having a good day in moms tummy. Today we had the pleasure of seeing some really great friends from back home, Brett and Allyson. Brett asked me to be a groomsman in their wedding! Of course the answer was a “heck yes!” (Brett was also in your mom and I’s wedding.) I have to say that I’ve met few people in life as genuine, caring, and excited about life as Brett.

Anyway- driving away from seeing friends as great as these has me feeling nostalgic. I wanted to share some thoughts on friends with you. A lot of people will come in and out of your life, and I want to help you distinguish real friends from everyone else.

1. Friends are there when you need them. If you get a flat tire at 2am or you need help moving on a Sunday when football is on,  real friends are the ones that still show up.

2. Real friends are in your corner. Friends want to see you succeed. They cheer on your successes. They hope you get that promotion, they are excited when you get engaged. Anyone that isn’t happy when you win is not a friend.

3. Friends are loyal. A friend will stick by your side, even when you make a mistake. If you screw up- look around. The people still standing by you are real friends.

4. A friend knows the real you. You can be yourself. There is no need to impress. You can sit in silence. Conversation is easy. You can tell the real story, the whole story. They get it.

5.  Friendship is timeless. No matter how far away you are, or how long since you spoke- a real friendship picks back up right where you left off. No matter how much time has passed since you saw each other, once you are together it’s like no time passed at all.

6. Friends know what you need to hear. If you are having a bad day- they know what to say. If you are having a great day- they know what to say.

7. Friendship isnt always sunshine and roses. You can disagree, argue, or even have a little tiff, but a real true friend is still always there. You can make each other grow by showing each other different sides of an issue.

Maybe Cookie Monster had the simplest way of knowing who real friends are, “Sometimes me think- what is friend? Then me say, friend is someone I share last cookie with.”
My best advice for you on this topic is: don’t waste your time with fake people. Be genuine. Live fully. Be yourself. Only invest yourself into people who do the same for you.

Hope this helps,

Here’s us with Brett and Allyson today.

Getting ready 

We are getting ready for lunch with Brett and Allyson. Here are some random quotes from the bathroom. 

Me: I’m gonna wear a hat. 

Mom: Oh are we feeling self-conscious today? 
Mom: I think it’s weird to ask to see someone’s baby bump. Like, let me see your stomach at your lost awkward stage. Wait- I don’t see a babybump. That’s just fat. 

Me: Welcome to my world. 

Mom: So this is what it’s like to have your belly? 

Me: Mines bigger. 

Mom: I don’t see how you do it man. 

Me: RUDE! Just for that I’m going to eat 5 plates of nachos! I’m going to have a wing eating contest.. with MYSELF! 

Mom: Go ahead- I dare you. And your butt will thank you tomorrow. 

Mom: Oh my God! STOP SINGING! 

Me: *looks at watch* 

Mom: What? 

Me: Just checking the time- we need to leave in 5 minutes. 

Mom: Well you better go start pooping now because I am NOT going to rush to get ready and then stand around waiting for you to poop.