Stroller assembly 

Everyone told me how long it takes to assemble a stroller. 

I have to agree. It’s been 4 days and I haven’t even gotten the box open yet. 

Strollers, Cradles, Car Seats Oh My! 

I mentioned in an earlier entry- we spent a recent Sunday learning all about strollers. We decided on the Graco Modes Quick Connect. They are pricey, but the reviews are awesome and Jamie loved it. There is so much to learn, and I want my kid to have the best! 

Jamie told me this morning that our awesome friends Cherise and Damian got us the stroller! THANK YOU DAMIAN AND CHERISE! 

Now I’m sitting at work watching videos about how to use it and how to put it together. Meanwhile the girls are emailing back and forth with my CC’ed about what a hard time I will have assembling it. I’m looking forward to the challenge- in the last couple months I have a new secret weapon; DAD SKILLS. Bring it on Stoller!