The Christmas Eve Closet Adventure 

Hey little guy!

It’s been pretty quiet for the last several weeks, just preparing for you and getting the house ready. You are 29 weeks and 6 days old now, and will be here in 71 days! We’ve been wishing we could see you- but the doctor won’t give us anymore sonograms. It’s been 9 weeks since we saw you, but I feel you kicking and punching all the time! In the mornings around 5:20am I always wake up, move over toward mom, and put my hand on her tummy so I can feel you. You prefer to have your daily dance party at that time. 

Your Grandma and Grandpa got here Thursday for Christmas. We haven’t seen them since April, and it’s really nice to have them around. We planned a big surprise for their wedding anniversary… a 4D sonogram! They had never heard of one, so we knew it would really be a treat. 

You behaved really well and the images came out AWESOME! Here you are at 29 weeks! You were smiling really cute, and you have my eyebrows! 

Grandma and Grandpa were so excited to see you, and I melted when I saw your face for the first time. 

Today, Christmas Eve, your Grandpa and I got up really early and went to work on your closet in your bedroom. You’ll always remember the closet being amazing, but I wanted you to know that we built it just for you. Here’s a before photo from right when we started: 

Here’s Grandpa cutting your shelves out in the driveway: 

Here’s your daddy and Grandpa working on your first closet: 

And here’s the after photo- all done! 

As you can see there is a tiny clothes rod just a few feet off the ground so you can waddle up when you get old enough and hang up your own clothes like a good boy. We still have to paint it all, but it’s amazing! You’ll be able to fit tons of baseball gear, toys, books, musical instruments, or whatever your little heart desires. 

Everyone is really excited and full of love for you little man. You better not be a little jerk! Haha. 

Merry Christmas Son, 

(Here’s a great bonus pic of Grandpa)

The battle of the nuclear wings- your Grandpa James versus your dad. 

Your grandpa James says “what you call nuclear hot may not be nuclear to me.” As we are watching football I’m working up the hottest wings I can muster. We are going to go wing for wing when they are done.. and probably spend all day tomorrow on the toilet. Here is what the wings look like now after marinating all night in Stone Brewery Crime hot sauce, garlic, cayenne, and Louisiana hot sauce. 

That’s more cayenne, garlic, and Gringo Bandito sauce being cooked in. More updates to follow. 

Also here is a photo of your mom and Grandpa watching football earlier. 

Your first time on the boat as a fetus! With Grandpa Gray! 

Hey there sport! 

Mom and I took your grandpa out on the boat today. We went down the Hillsborough River and into Tampa Bay past downtown. At one point I started to speed up, then I realized you were probably getting bumped around a bit in there. I wonder what you thought was going on! 

Grandpa had a great time, and it was awesome watching him and your mom get quality time out on the water together. Great memories. If we still have the boat when you get here, this day is probably why. Terrific day out on the water. 

Right now your mom and Grandpa are off getting sandwiches for lunch while Grandma and I watch some TV and relax. We plan on taking Grandpa to see a Western at the movie theater this afternoon. 

Hope you are having a good day in there son. Get ready for a sub sandwich little feller. Eat up and grow, grow, grow! 

Here are some photos from today! 

Love ya Lil’ Dude,