Me and you kid. 

Hello Baby Boy! 

You’ll be here in 119 days! This week I started being able to feel you kick if I put my head on moms tummy. It’s pretty incredible- sometimes it sounds like you are knocking on a tiny door, other times it sounds like you dropped a water balloon. You’re in there! And moving more than ever! 

Well son- your nursery is done, your dresser is full of brand new clothes, your stroller is sitting in the dining room, and I think we’ve got everything ready. So now… we wait. And wait. And wait. Come on dude! 

Since we are done getting ready for you for now, I’m more focused on getting mom taken care of now. You would be amazed how many clothes your momma wears in a week! She has tons of maternity clothes- but each morning before work she can’t find anything to wear. 

I try to get out of the shower and out of the bathroom/bedroom before she gets done drying her hair. Things get a little touch-and-go after that, because she gets kind of upset sometimes when her clothes don’t fit. 

Last week I was in there twice when she got to the clothes picking stage. I got to see first hand what she goes through while trying to get ready, and I didn’t like it. You see son, your dad works really hard. I went to school for my Bachelors Degree in Management, then went back for my Masters Degree. I have an MBA now. Also, I was recruited by the company I work at and your mom and I moved across the country, leaving all of our friends and family in San Diego so that we could be successful in Tampa. 

After all of this effort and sacrifice in pursuit of an amazing life- it drives me CRAZY that your mom has nothing to wear. As hard as I work I think your mom should have 3 closets full of clothes, a nice car, and anything that her little heart desires. (Within reason.) 

So when I saw that she was so upset trying to get dressed I made a decision- time for a shopping spree. 

Yesterday I took you and your momma to the Orlando Outlets and Motherhood Maternity. We set up shop in the dressing room, and I helped her try on at least 50 different items. She looked ADORABLE. We got her so much cool stuff! We also got her lots of comfortable flat shoes so her feet won’t hurt so bad. 

Mom spent so much time getting ready for you that we forgot to take care of her. Not anymore! She’s all set! 

I love you both so much. It blows my mind every day that my kid, my son, my little dude- is inside the person I love more than anyone in the world. There have been so many days where I have looked at your mom, my wife, and thought “I couldn’t possibly love you more.” 

That wasn’t true. Now that you’re in there I definitely love her even more. Sometimes I feel like my heart or my head might explode- just so excited and proud. You better be ready to kick butt in life buddy, no pressure. Haha. 

See you in March little guy. 



Babies Big Adventure! 

Dear Baby Boy, 

What a day! We have taken you all over the Tampa Bay Area today.. all in a pursuit of building you the perfect little nursery. I’ve found that the bigger you get, the more I think about you. No matter what your mom is wearing you are visible now- and you are one handsome little bump! 

In case you are wondering what all the ruckus was today- here’s where I took you: First, we started out at around 9am and headed to Buy Buy Baby in Brandon. It was a long drive out there and we didn’t find anything suitable for our little studs bedroom. So we turned around and came back. 

After Buy Buy Baby we headed to Rooms to Go Kids and struck out- then Home Depot. We found the perfect little ceiling fan for our little man. I made sure it wasn’t something a stinky girl would like. It’s all man fan. 

Midway through the fan search you started getting hungry- and your momma strarted losing steam. So I took her to a nice outdoor lunch at Brick House, a really cool place I hope to take you someday. We can hang out and watch some football one Sunday. I think I’ll wait until you stop thinking girls have cooties though. Here a photo of lunch: 

After you and mom were fed and watered we headed back out on the trail. Our next stop was Babies R Us. We had a huge score and found your nursery chair!! You got a really cool grey glider that you and your mom will spend lots of time in. But once you outgrow it I’m claiming it! Dad has dibs! 

We found a crib that we really liked also at Babies R Us- but we ultimately decided this really cool one we could special order from Target was better for you. I’ve decided your crib is my Gettysburg, the one battle I’m sticking to. I want to make sure that you have a super cool crib that will ultimately turn into your bed. I figure you’ll have it until you are like 10, so it’s got to be perfect. 

We went to Target to order the crib next. Disaster! The crib was not the same color as it was online! It didn’t match your room at all. We aborted the mission. And your mom was POOPED. 

Next stop, home. My beautiful mom-to-be took a wonderful 2 hour nap. As she snored on the couch I mopped the floors, wrote a play, and painted the living room walls. Just kidding- I slept also. 

When we woke up it was back to the grind. We hustled back to Babies R Us and ordered your crib. It’s awesome. It’s slate colored wood with a flat back. It looks like I built it from pallets, and it will covert into a really cool bed when you get old enough. 

We then headed to Homegoods to see if there was anything for your walls, and found an amazingly perfect deer for above your crib. 

After Homegoods, dinner time! We tried a Mexican place called “Besito” at Westshore mall. Your parents are Mexican food snobs since we are from California. Your mom grew up 13 miles from the Mexican border, and we love Mexican food. Besito was amazing. Tonight you dined on umbilical cord deconstructed pollo flautas, mother triple filtered steak fajitas, and some awesome beans and rice. 

The service and food was so good that I told the server while pointing at moms stomach “my little boy in there isn’t even born yet and I think this is already his favorite Mexican spot.” She brought us a cute little gift with the check, Mexican Worry Dolls. She said if we place them under our pillow tonight that all of our worries will disappear. She gave us a man doll, a woman doll, and then a BABY doll!  

Anyway- we are home now. You’ve had a long, long day- but your nursery came a really long way. Fan, crib, dresser, chair, decorations; you have the nicest room in be house son! 

Exactly how it should be.

I sure love you kiddo. Hurry up would ya? Mom and I are going to explode with all this love and excitement. 


Here’s some stuff for your room so far: 

And for you readers out there: please check out 

“Aaaaaaaaa shuooooooop!” 

Good morning kiddo! 

Your momma has been going through some subtle changes as she grows you in her tummy. It’s pretty awesome to watch. She is just about the cutest she has ever been. Whatever chemicals you are making moms body produce are making her absolutley adorable. 

Its 6:30am on Saturday morning and I was sitting on the couch. Your mom was still in bed with the bedroom door shut. Suddenly I hear  “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa schteupppppppppppp!!!”from the depths of the bedroom. Your mom is awake! 

I got up from the couch and headed to the bedroom. Just as my hand hit the door handle it opened from the inside and your mom was standing there. 

It can’t be verified- but I believe your mom just SNEEZED HERSELF AWAKE!!!

Here are some interesting exchanges from this morning:

Me: What do you want to do today? Do you want to take the boat out? 

Your mom: Ummmm… you want to get a dresser?

Me: You want to get a pedi today? You need some pampering. 

Your mom: Ohhhh a dresser with a mirror!

Me: Do you want to go to the outlets and get some stuff? 

Your mom: What? Outlets? Shopping? No. 

On some show on TV they just sold a $1000 cigar- 

Me: Honey what would you do if someone gave you a $1000 cigar to smoke? 

Your mom: I’d sell it. And get a dresser. 

Mom scrolls frantically through her cell phone then states, “ok- this place, has.. a lot of… dressers.” 

Mom: Usually cribs have to be ordered. That’s just how it goes.”

Mom: Now let’s look at cribs on Wayfair!

Singing *Wayfair you got just what I need!* 

Me: Are you going to take me to do anything fun today? 

Mom: Sure! Let’s go bowling! 

Me: I want to go to Nickies for breakfast.

Mom: Okay! Let’s go! (The fastest she has ever made a decision in 5 years) 

Mom: This gray crib isn’t dark enough for you? 

Me: I don’t know it’s kind of light for a boy. I think the difference between a girlie crib and a boy crib is a shade of gray. (Very philosophical this morning) 

**Now I am in the bathroom, and I just received texts. One is a photo of a gray crib. The second text says “see, it can be a boy crib!”**

Mom: Is there a Hobby Lobby around here? 

Me: If you take me to Hobby Lobby I will end up with a remote control plane. 

Mom: Look! This moose head is $25! At Hobby Lobby! 

Me: Are you hungry? 

Mom: Yes. Yes I am. 

Okay son- time to get you and mom fed and watered. Heading out. You’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow! Almost halfway there!

Enjoy breakfast and our errands today. Mom Moving around all day should make it nice and cozy for you in there.

Also thought of a name for you yesterday mom and I really like… 

Love you little dude, 


The battle of the nuclear wings- your Grandpa James versus your dad. 

Your grandpa James says “what you call nuclear hot may not be nuclear to me.” As we are watching football I’m working up the hottest wings I can muster. We are going to go wing for wing when they are done.. and probably spend all day tomorrow on the toilet. Here is what the wings look like now after marinating all night in Stone Brewery Crime hot sauce, garlic, cayenne, and Louisiana hot sauce. 

That’s more cayenne, garlic, and Gringo Bandito sauce being cooked in. More updates to follow. 

Also here is a photo of your mom and Grandpa watching football earlier. 

Your first bike ride. Or is it?

Dear baby, 

It’s Sunday morning. Mom was the first one up this morning- and as I heard her quietly try to sneak out of the room I yelled “No!” I was awake. 

First thing- check the baby apps! Week 16 videos on What To Expect and YouTube. Apparently now you can hear us, and it’s recommended that we start reading to you. Your mom said, “see, you have to let me buy baby story books!” I’m sure today we will be out finding some. 

 Our great friends Brett and Allyson from San Diego (back home) are in Florida with family and we are meeting them for lunch at 1pm in Palm Harbor. Really excited to see our friends. Brett was in our wedding. Great guy. Allyson is also amazing. They make a perfect couple.

We sat on the couch for a bit and I had my coffee- then I suggested we take a bike ride. Your mom was into it! She’s getting her energy back! 

We enjoyed a nice bike ride around the neighborhood. Mom looked so cute riding around with her little baby bump. (You) 

Well I gotta run- lots to do today and you need storybooks! 

Love you, 


Here’s you and mom on a bike.