Your first vacation! (1 hour away and you required a truckload of supplies!) 

Hey Bubbers, 

Mom and I needed a little escape, so we loaded up the truck and took you to a resort. You were perfectly behaved! We took you onto your first golf course, put your toes in the sand for the first time, and you stayed in your first hotel! 

Your mom goes back to work next week, and she is trying hard to spend every possible moment snuggling you. She got promoted again- and now has her own team! It’s a weird time right now because we both want to take you everywhere with us, but they don’t allow Bubbers at work. 

We love you so much kiddo. You just have no idea. Stop growing so fast. 

Anyway- Here are some photos of your little getaway. 

Ready for a beach break

Hey Bubbers, 

I’ve finally gotten over my anger at the blog. I wrote you a really good letter a couple weeks back. It was long, mushy, and had tons of photos and videos. When I clicked “post” to send it to you, WordPress crashed on my phone and I lost it. I was really, really upset. As a result I haven’t written in a while. But I’m back on the wagon! 

Life with you has been incredible. The best times of my day are our mornings together and when I get home after work to see my son. 

This morning it was just you and I in the bedroom; mom was out in the nursery pumping. It was dark except for the closet light. You were fidgeting a bit, but not fully awake yet. I crawled out of bed like a ninja, careful not to make a sound and wake you. On my way to the bathroom, tip-toeing, I carefully peeked into your crib to see what you were doing. 

There you were, wide-eyed and fully awake, with a giant smile on your face looking directly at me. You made a loud “ohhhh” sound to make sure I knew you caught me. It’s like you knew I was trying to be quiet. I laughed so hard I almost peed. 

You have a lot of personality now. You smile, you frown, you look at us like we are crazy at times. You love your parents, and you are starting to look at everything around you with curiousity and questions. I can’t wait until you can tell us what you are thinking. 

Moms going back to work in 3 weeks, and it’s really starting to hit her hard. She loves her time with you, and you guys are inseparable. She texts me at work daily about how she can’t even move to eat lunch because you are so comfortable and asleep on her. She goes crazy whenever you do something cute. She puts photos of you on her Facebook and social media constantly. You are her hero. I’m now chopped liver. All good. 

I can’t tell you how much I love you. You look more like me every day, and you are starting to make eyebrow movements like me. You just making a little sound makes me proud. You’re are an awesome little dude. One of my favorite moments yet was tonight when you lounged on me with your little legs crossed and watched Survivor. 

It’s 10pm and your dad is an old man, so I have to cut it short. I’m in bed, mom is to my right, and just past her you are laying in your little sleeper listening to ocean sounds from your dream machine. You don’t have a care in the world, and you have your whole life ahead of you. One day you could be president, a doctor, or a baseball player. 

I love you Tucker. Hope you sleep tight son. 


6 week old update

-You smile now some, but mom thinks it’s not on purpose.

-You try to talk when we have conversations with you. Mom says you are a great storyteller. 

-You love to take naps on dad. 

-Every morning around 4am I grab you from your sleep and play and put you on my chest in bed and snuggle for an hour. 

– Mom is like a different person. If I have you more than 2 feet away she is always watching like a hawk and waiting to take you back. She loves her Captain Bubbers. 

-We took you to Little League last weekend. 

-You and I watch a lot of baseball. 

-We can put you in the pool soon. You have little swimmers! 

-Everywhere we take you people go nuts. Not sure if you are the cutest baby ever, or people just really like babies. 

-Outside at Pallet Bar you love to stare at the sky. 

My son 

Dear Tucker, 

You have changed my heart. You’ve been in our lives for a month now, and these are the best words I can string together to explain the effect you’ve had on me. You always hear “having a kid will change your life.” Not only have you changed my life, you’ve changed the way I think, feel, value, and appreciate life. 

I tell people that the first time I held you it didn’t feel like we were meeting for the first time. Instead, it felt like you had always been there- always been a part of my life. From the second you came into the world, my heart was divided even further; now not only does mom carry a part of me with her- so do you. 

This first month has been incredible. Every little gasp or coo you make- every little fart, every cry- love. My little man. You do really cute things like laying very still, then suddenly throwing your arms and feet in the air like you are casting a spell. You try to escape your swaddle like Houdini… at first one finger will make it out by your neck, then a hand… then an arm.. then suddenly both arms. You are a little escape artist. 

Your yawns are adorable.. your eye contact. Every little thing is perfect. I’ve woken up and told you “dad wants 4000 kisses today,” and you are ready for the challenge. (I think the most I’ve gotten in a day is 1400 so far) haha. 

Some recent things: I wore you in a baby carrier for the first time yesterday. Mom takes you for walks a lot. You’ve started making small trips like Target or Costco. You eat every 3 hours. You wake up once a night at around 2:30am. You LOVE dad time. You can almost pick up your head. You make eye contact now. 

I am so glad you are a part of my life Tucker. I could never have imagined I could love you so much. I can’t wait to see what you become. I’m daydreaming about sending you to summer camp for young web developers, or musicians, or sports camp. I’ve started you a college plan. I’m doing everything I can to give you the best possible chance to be whatever you want to be someday. 

God couldn’t have given me a more perfect son. I am so thankful for you. You are laying on my lap sucking on a pacifier- no idea why your weird dad is crying right now. 

Have a good morning son.